Design by Nicola Russo

Special thanks to Camilla Bellini – Andrea Russo


Sonus is born from the idea of creating an endless motion, without interruptions, looking for a shape that can represent the music.
 I wanted to create something unique with the seat that is in harmony with the rest of the structure, which is not very often visually integrated.
I was inspired by the sound waves, Sonus is the fusion of two waves.
After having drawn the pattern I had a problem, I was trying to find a way to control the height of the  seat.
I then resolved it making an adjustable keyboard that can move to give the best position to all pianists.
The keyboard is hidden under a curved plan and it’s held on by a small support.
The top of the tape is created to give the prospective effect of a grand piano; a very simple, but at the same time, simple stylistic choice that represents me a lot, an item with a very fluid development. If I had to explain music from a designer point of view I would say: endless motion’s shape. Sonus.